ASMR from the kitchen

It’s interesting when testing out various sounds what you find is actually soothing or on the flip side absolutely chalk board annoying.

I’ve discovered I’m a real chocolate wrapper scrunching kind of woman.

Of course I’m a chocolate lover anyhow so definitely a win win situation.

This video is fine in my iphone as at the moment I don’t have a proper camera.

Until then I will attempt this and carry on with my virtual gal.

Sleep well…

Starting of the new channel

Its taken a while to work out some of the aspects of the recording etc but finally I believe I have managed to work at least some out. I tried the web cam but seriously that was a disaster ready to happen. Simply the web cam kept recording its own sounds and not that from my yeti microphone.

So for now I will use my virtual character or pictures till I have managed to aquire something a little more professional than an old web cam.

Enjoy and if you have specific requests please feel free to contact.

So now

Video :-


ASMR virtual explained

So I was asked to do ASMR on my virtual channel and I did.

What I did find was that it made those who requested it happy, but those who did not short changed as they appreciate my vlogging for fashion etc.

So I have moved the ASMR to its own channel and also started a new site for soley ASMR related content.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to sharing with you.