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[ASMR] Boxing Day // whispers and presents

So I have left it quite a while in doing this mainly because the time I get for perfect silence is not often. Today its still a little busy in life but I wanted to share with you some of the little things christmas brought to me.

I havent been well and unfortunately cannot enjoy the chocolates just yet .(Mainly as I cannot taste them!).

Howver look forward in the days to come indulging in those.  I appreciate any critique in order to improve the videos and the channel. Thanks for watching


Credits :-

To record I used the  Blue Yeti microphone and  Iphone 7 

ASMR · Uncategorized · WHISPERS

Starting of the new channel

Its taken a while to work out some of the aspects of the recording etc but finally I believe I have managed to work at least some out. I tried the web cam but seriously that was a disaster ready to happen. Simply the web cam kept recording its own sounds and not that from my yeti microphone.

So for now I will use my virtual character or pictures till I have managed to aquire something a little more professional than an old web cam.

Enjoy and if you have specific requests please feel free to contact.

So now

Video :-